The best areas to concentrateon for a deep end of tenancy clean

End of lease cleaning is critical. Usually, the task is best left to a professional end of lease cleaning company that has the skills, experience and the tools of the trade needed to complete the job properly. Furthermore, when you are trying to complete your packing, finalize all the utility bills and keep your family and friends updated and ready for the move, worrying about the end of lease cleaning should be the furthest thing from your mind. To make sure that you get it correct, here are 5 areas that you should focus on during end of lease cleaning:

The most highly frequented areas of the house

When carrying out the end of lease cleaning, you should focus on those areas that are used regularly such as the living room. In these high traffic areas, upholstery, rugs, and carpets are bound to collect dust and other bacterial elements that must be thoroughly removed in anticipation for the next occupation.

Light fixtures and all the fittings

Light fixtures and fittings tend to be overlooked by both renters and landlords during end of tenancy cleaning. To secure your security deposit, it is pertinent that you make sure that all the fixtures are cleaned to their original splendour.

The bathroom

The bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. Therefore, you can expect the landlord to be thorough during the end of lease cleaning inspection. To make sure that the landlord does not find any flaws, the bathroom should be cleaned intensely and sanitized.

The backyard or garden area

If you currently live in a rental property that also has a backyard, garden or patio, you will also have to restore these areas and make them appear like new for the incoming tenant. Besides making sure that all the patio furniture is replaced/restored, the lawn is mowed, the garden plants are trimmed and garbage cleared, you will also have to pay attention to patio maintenance.

The kitchen

End of lease cleaning London requires you to carry out a deep cleaning of the kitchen area. All the dust, grease, grime, food oduor and bacteria that has been accumulating during your stay should be completely removed from all surfaces, even the hard to reach ones. The cleaning of kitchen appliances such as the oven and fridge should also not be ignored. If you have never thoroughly cleaned any of these areas in your house, then it is only practical to let a professional team handle the end of lease cleaning on your behalf to avoid future disappointments and disputes with the landlord.