Cool Gadgets for Any Techie

It does not matter what your personality, hobbies or interests are but a new gadget is bound to make you work more efficiently and experience life in a better way. There is a tech gadget out there for every single person and whether you want to treat yourself or hunt one down for a loved one, there is no time like now to curate the best of 2018 and leave you with an exciting selection to treat yourself to just because. It is Black Friday and Christmas is right around the corner and therefore, to avoid the confusion and hassles from the discounts and deals for gadgets then here is a list of the gadgets you should keep an eye out for.

Ellumi under Cabinet Antibacterial LED Light Disinfection System

If you are a health junkie, then you definitely will be impressed by a gadget that illuminates the underside of your cabinet while also killing the bacteria that comes under it. The LED light disinfection system consist of LED lights that eliminate about 99 percent of the germs on surfaces it illuminates thus preventing contact with disease causing bacteria such as E. Coli, MRSA and salmonella among others.

Smartech Ili Portable Translator

If you are travelling, or just bound to interact with people who don’t use English then this is the gadget to make translation a more fun less tedious process. If you speak to this portable translator, it translates whatever you say to Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin in 0.2 seconds. It has a powerful battery and looks quite sleek.

Sixpad Abs Belt

Want a gadget that promises to give you awesome abs using a workout program and electric shocks of a 20Hz frequency? This belt does just that. It is made of silicone and with a thickness of 3mm, is easy to train in. You can hook it up to an app which records data and visualizes the areas of targeted shocks.

Apple Watch Series 4

As a business professional this is the cool gadget of 2018! The device looks sleek on the exterior with an amazing list of features that consist of Siri, athletic tracking, LTE, push notification and GPS and allows you to control your work correspondence from your smart watch without having to carry a phone around.

Google Pixel Buds

It has been a great year for travellers. Google’s AI system ifs great and this makes it possible to have this gadget which translates up to 40 languages in real time to make your vacation even soother.

Smartech Hive View Smart Indoor Camera

A designer camera for your home? Yes please! Instead of the boring home CCTV, this Yves Behar indoor camera is a great addition for your home as it sends you 1080pHD live footage from the last 24 hours. But the clincher is that the app allows you to set it to ignore pets while you are out but follow people who make the bad decision to intrude into your house.